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Auto Leasing in NYC | Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that the newcomer into the auto leasing scene could have. When you have these sorts of doubts, it is never a good idea to ask your friends. Most of the time, they are probably as clueless as you. Unless someone you know works in or with a car leasing company, you can’t be sure that they have the information you really need. So whom can you trust to give you the details about auto leasing that you need to convince yourself? Well, the obvious answer is of course the company that does this kind of work. This is why you need to bring your business to Auto Broker NYC. We are always ready to answer the questions that you may have about the car leasing process. In fact, here are some of the more common questions we receive:

What happens when my contract is up?

Your lease period with Auto Broker NYC can be expected to last for a period of about 3 years. Of course, our plans are flexible. You can choose the duration for which you want to lease the vehicle from us. At the end of these three years (for example), you simply give the vehicle back to us. If you have used it well, there should be no other costs involved! This is a procedure called lease return. Everyone goes through it and it is completely normal. However, every now and then we come across a vehicle that is too damaged to pass over. In this case, there are other consequences for the leaseholder. However, the incidence of this happening in our company is very low indeed.

How do I know that I am using my vehicle right?

If you aren’t someone who is very into cars, you are going to have trouble maintaining your vehicle in top condition. Proper maintenance is very important if you want to be able to avoid extra costs when you return the lease car to us. After all, if you don’t maintain the vehicle properly, the engine and body are definitely going to fall into disrepair. When this happens and you return your lease without knowing that your vehicle has been damaged, you are going to be in for a tough time. Of course, here at Auto Broker NYC, we try to be as understanding as possible. We take the time to go over the vehicle properly and identify what is wrong with it. However, unlike the typical auto leasing agency, we don’t then attempt to load you down with a massive bill.

On the contrary, we try to reduce the bill as much as possible. Of course, if the damages are significant, you are going to have to pay. There is no avoiding this. But we are definitely one of the most lenient auto leasing companies that you will ever meet. Our policies mean that you won’t ever feel like you are being attacked financially. If you want to find out more about these, simply dial 646-340-1720 right now and inquire about them!